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“Creativity is one of the most critical skills for the future”

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Glass painting

  • Ridhi

  • 11 years old

Wall of Fame


  • 19 years old


Star of the Day

  • ridima

  • 8 years old

29 Jul, 2015

A Pine Cone Christmas Tree Decor - Step by Step

  • Let's see how to make a cute small Christmas tree decoration in a very easy and quick steps. Kids wi

  • By Tracy B McGinnis

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Be dynamic, diverse and distinct

Fostering CREATIVITY holds the highest degree of priority in the global scheme of things which is

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Our Customer Says

" is great initiative for kids to get inspire, innovate, learn and bring in community feeling in the digital age. Congrats and best wishes to the founders of this initiative.

PK Gupta ,Senior Director EMC Asia Pacific & Japan

" CreationsBox works with determination and great sincerity to present the innovative creations of students online. A platform to showcase their hidden talent. I Congratulate CreationsBox for its success & amazing work.

Kusum Bhardwaj ,Principal DAV School Ashok Vihar Phase IV, Delhi, India

" Very nice platform for all our kids to showcase their talent as well as they can preserve their creations digitalized.....

Suresh Sharma,(Parent)

" CreationsBox has brought a unique proposition to the world. It is amazing to see the children of all ages, nationalities, culture who may not speak the same language, getting connected through the language of creativity. CreationsBox is the digital album for life for every participating kid. Our best wishes to CreationsBox team!

Mala ,Director Sesame Street Preschool, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad.

" In today' world, fostering creativity and innovation is a must. CreationsBox does just that. CreationsBox provides kids a platform to showcase their creative imagination to the best. It is a medium to collaborate, share and express creative thoughts. My hearty congratulations and best wishes to the innovative team of CreationsBox to bring this to reality!

Sandeep Jain ,Global Head Transportation Practice Tata Consultancy Services

" We love CreationsBox, it encourages kids creativity

Mother of Anusha

" My son is loving the activities , contests and Learning activities at CreationsBox.

Mother of Jim

" This is indeed a very good initiative by CreationsBox team. My daughter is very excited, so we are


" More and More Contest... Very good experience.

Ms. Chitra ,Teacher Om Foundation School

" Encourages students to be more creative.

Prof Shukla Om Foundation School

A few of the 250+ Schools, Who encourage "Creativity" with us