Frequently Asked Questions is a platform to capture, organize, share & preserve your child's precious artwork, so you can showcase and enjoy them anytime, anywhere forever.
In so many ways but here are few reasons why is different
  1. You don't want to mix your pictures and your child's artwork together. Imagine you have pictures of food/wine/business and then your child's artwork...noooooooooo!
  2. This website is designed with your child and their artwork in mind
  3. Every child has his/her own space/ artworks
  4. On CreationsBox you can share the artwork publically to show case your child's talent or keep it private with family and friends.
  5. Organize the artwork/creations across your children's timelines so they can look back and enjoy them as they grow
  6. You can instantly share the artwork all over the world with just one click
  7. We promise that it will be a very rewarding experience, unlike any other!
Its very simple - If you are using it for the first time, just register and after login either you can go to settings tab under My Box or just click on Create menu tab and you will see Add Kid button. click on the Add Kid on the screen and it will take you to the Add kid screen, where you can add your child's information and click done. For additional children just click again on Add Kid and go through the same process again.
There are a couple of ways.
  1. You can use the camera from the ipad/tablet to capture the artwork and then login on CreationsBox and Add your creation.
  2. If you already have taken a picture of the artwork and have it in your device/computer then just go to the CreationsBox and Add new creations.
Not now ..
But Yes! Very soon you will be able to convert your child's handmade artwork into a gift or albums for family or friends or as return gift for your own child's b'day.
Yes, you can share your child's creation/artwork via Facebook, Twitter and google plus. We will be adding other social media options soon. You can also share the artwork via email.
Our goal at CreationsBox is not only to help you save your children's artwork but also appreciate and encourage creativity. Rewards/Points is our way of rewarding, appreciating and encouraging your child's creativity/artwork.