Our Mission

The mission of CreationsBox.com is to inspire children to be creative, to be proud of that creativity and to encourage family interaction that builds lasting memories.

There are two basic approaches to problem solving: convergent and divergent thinking.

  • Convergent thinking uses prior knowledge and logic to choose the one correct solution. For example two plus two equals four every time. This is the kind of thinking that is most frequently measured by tests and examinations.
  • Divergent thinking uses facts and experience to generate new ideas. Through brainstorming and free-flowing experimentation, solutions are tried on for size and through this approach unexpected connections emerge. This is the mind-set that is integral to creativity. For example, List the possible uses of bricks (besides building a wall).

The good news is that all children are endowed with massive creative potential. Sadly, the emphasis tends to be on standardized testing and as such parents' don't always give their kids the freedom to explore new ideas, making it increasingly difficult for children to follow their creative instincts.

CreationsBox platform helps parents to unleash creative mind of their children. Recognition makes children feel great and motivates them to keep creating and exploring new stuff. Our idea is to encourage this by giving parents an online place where they can collect, preserve and showcase everything their kids create; keeping it all in one place so, family and friends can see and appreciate their development as they grow. CreationsBox also offers families a way to learn from experts and encourage children to participate in creative contests