Am I Creative

By Rashmi Jain   07 January, 2016

Am I creative?

We keep hearing from our boss – “Need Creativity in Imagination”.. Need Creativity in Advertisement”… Teachers ask students – “be creative in finding solutions” … Mom says “baby, you ought to be creative while doing homework”…

So what is this “Creativity”? Is this word specific to Kids, Employees, Parents, Business… or TO ALL?

Answer to all above is "YES" because Creativity helps in creating new boxes, or structures, in which to develop your ideas. Boosting your own and your surroundings creativity can help you not only come up with great ideas, but also helps you deliver better. As per Howard Gardner (1999) - “truly creative people are those who make a difference to the world (e.g. by moving forward thinking in science, social science, music or art).”

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