Be dynamic, diverse and distinct

By Ritu Pankaj   12 February, 2016

Fostering CREATIVITY holds the highest degree of priority in the global scheme of things which is dedicatedly tuned in to productive and innovative entrepreneurship. Creativity is the seamless process that catalyses ideas which are generated, developed and translated into worth and value. Creativity, Innovation and Foresight contribute towards Future Skill development to prepare every child and youth for success in the creative economy of the 21st century.

Creativity is not the privilege of the artist and the designer. It is about unleashing and liberating the thought and energy of children that develop ideas that are original and of value. Creativity in them can mean being imaginative, inventive, taking challenges to break the boundaries of orthodox convention and questioning the realm of original thinking or producing something unique and original.  This was how inventions and discoveries were made when man stopped being an ‘information gatherer’ and stopped relying on borrowed content but sought to cultivate his curiosity and seek a rich harvest of innovations. Undoubtedly creative people are more flexible and better problem solvers hence more adaptable to technological advances to take advantage of new opportunities.

Alfred Nobel, Mozart, Einstein and Leonardo Da Vinci were creative geniuses who were restless misfits who wanted to do something new and were not complacent to accept the pattern. Focusing on extraordinary individuals perpetuates the ‘myth’ that creativity is about special people doing special things.

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