A Pine Cone Christmas Tree Decor - Step by Step By Tracy B McGinnis - Posted on 2014-12-03

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Let's see how to make a cute small Christmas tree decoration in a very easy and quick steps. Kids will really enjoy doing this project.

What you need :


Pine cone
A mini pot
1 Red and 1 Green shiny beaded garlands
Green and White Acrylic or water colors
A brush
A small card board or thick paper to cut out a Star
Glitter glue to decorate star or just glue a few gems

Step 1 - Color Pine Cone and Star


Color Pine cone with green color using brush.
Cut out a small star from the card board and colored it white.

Step 2 - Decorate the Pine Cone like a Christmas Tree


Wait till Pine Cone dry.
Meanwhile, decorate the white star either by glitter glue or shiny gems.
Once both dry, stuck or glue the star at the tree top.
Now gently pick the Pine Cone Christmas Tree in the mini pot as a base.
Cute Christmas tree is ready. You can decorate it anywhere now like at your Study Table or in Living room, office or kitchen.

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