Critical Thinking and Creative Problem Solving Workshops

Hall Spice Affair

Creativity is one of the most critical skills for the 21st century skills. It affects not only Art but every discipline & area of expertise including Science and Technologies…

Creative Problem Solving with critical thinking is a proven method for approaching a problem or a challenge in an imaginative and innovative way. These workshops give kids the opportunity to imagine, create, learn and prosper in a fun, hands-on learning environment.

Our Workshops are UNIQUE, WHY?

  • "Think Zara Hatke"
  • Allows kids to practice creative problem solving, critical thinking
  • Kids learn risk-taking to overcome their fear of failure, as well the importance of failure to improve their ideas
  • "Hands-On" interactive workshops ignite children’s natural curiosity to explore and discover in a team environment
  • We create environment to enable children to solve related problems themselves & ask questions in more active way in brainstorming sessions
  • Our "Whole Brain" approach encourages kids to apply "Divergent Thinking – Right Brain" to think outside the box to find multiple alternative solutions for a given problem or a challenge and then apply "Convergent Thinking – Left Brain" to pick THE best answer

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STEAM Workshops

Inspiring Passion for Science & Technologies

STEAM is the new STEM.
STEM is - Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.
And "A" for Art

Many educational experts, including us at CreationsBox, believe that STEM is incomplete without the additional "A" for Art.

Creative Workshops

Encouraging Imagination …

Kids are pushed to think outside the box rather than to stay within rigid lines.

Our Customer Says

" It is an interesting as well as innovative way to explain science.

Amita Gossain Elizabeth Gauba School

" It was a nice experience.It can help both teachers and students in increasing their efficiency

Kavita Khanna Elizabeth Gauba School

" The activities werw creative and induced the skills of critical thinking among all of us. The fact that everyone is a scientist and an innovator was very inspiring.Thumbs up for the Workshop.!

Shweta Kumar Elizabeth Gauba School

" Enriching experience for the students as well as the teachers . Enjoyed and will love to participate wherever I get the opportunity.

Shivani Tiwari Elizabeth Gauba School

" Its joyful as well as innovative methodology of creation."Learning and Fun" applies here . Learners participation with enthusiasm was commendable. It was well organised.

Priyambada Mallick Elizabeth Gauba School

" Very intaeractive session.Kept the children busy. They could think and do the activities.

Suman Prakash Elizabeth Gauba School

" The program workshop is very useful for student to be innovative and creative thinker. Thanks for organising

Dr. Bineeta Agarwal Om Foundation School

" This activity was very interesting .It was fun learning to children.We expect more andmore activities to be done for children to improve their knowledge creativity.

R.Chitra Om Foundation School

" More and More Contest... Very good experience.

Ms. Chitra ,Teacher Om Foundation School

" Encourages students to be more creative.

Prof Shukla Om Foundation School

A few of the 250+ Schools, Who encourage "Creativity" with us

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